Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month. You can pay in studio, online, or with Auto-Pay!




Upon registration, you will be asked to sign the following agreement:


“I acknowledge and understand the risk of injury associated with dance and dance training of performance, and I agree to assume those risks. DanceMania’s professional teachers will always strive to protect students, including in assisting in physical placement of body alignment, to avoid injury. Our floor and total environment is designed to prevent injuries. In keeping with the pledge of safety, I herby release DanceMania, Inc. from any and all liabilities and claims for personal injury in connection with dance training, performances, and other participation at DanceMania or other affiliated locations. I have read and understand this statement, and agree to these conditions.”


You also must agree to pay the tuition for classes and instruction within the first 5 days of the month. After that, we charge a late fee. If tuition is not paid consistently, or in a timely manner, we withhold the right to discontinue instruction to the student.

Thank you.

Phone: (904) 998-7522


12226 Beach Blvd Units 12 and 13

Jacksonville, FL 32246